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Ziraat Bankası - Digital Museum

We collaborated with Livecom Events Team for Ziraat Sanat Digital Exhibition. The event took place at Istanbul Youth Festival. IGF is welcoming more than 30.000 visitors this year at Avrasya Performance Center at Yenikapı, İstanbul. As one of the main sponsors of the event, Ziraat Bank has created an digital exhibition space which enabled the visitors to experience each artwork in an immersive environment. Ziraat Digital Museum Exhibition Design, Interactive Archive of Ziraat Art Collection and Interactive Workshop Area for Kids is created by Design In Situ. Ziraat Digital Museum is a digital space for art experience. At this grandiose exhibition space there are more than 40 art works which are presented on 35 projection surfaces of 4.5 meter height. This immersive atmosphere, besides that Digital Archive, provides visitors to see a variety of art works in Ziraat Art Collection. With interactive kiosks visitors can search and view the collection. The digital archive enables search options for art movements, artists and years through the Turkish Art History. The digital interface presents Turkish Art Collection of more than 3.000 artworks and encourages younger generations to investigate more and more through digital interaction.

Ziraat Art has created an innovative platform for children too. At the Interactive Workshop for kids, the artworks are introduced to the younger visitors with through Augmented Reality and Interactive Painting Stations. At AR Room, the kids can interact with selected artworks digitally. They see themselves in the artworks which are layered and animated digitally. Visitors may walk through the seaside of 60s’ painting, have a chat with the village women of another genre and try to catch Uygun’s worms. The interaction takes their attention to the art works and encourages them to learn deeply about them. By Interactive Painting Stations, children can create their own collage by using selected artworks as backgrounds and combine them with cutted elements of many other art works and paint their own style on to this collages. The empty canvas enables them to lighten their creative skills by introducing them works of art.


Ziraat Bankası

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