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Design in Situ is a guest of Aksanat Digital Art Now!

The ninth guest of the talk series entitled “Digital Art Now” which is focusing on the working practices of the artists who work by the means of the digital expression possibilities are Nagehan Kuralı Alan and Selin Özçelik Mörth.

Nagehan Kuralı Alan and Selin Özçelik Mörth are the founders of Design Insitu which is a design studio composed of designers, coders and artists. This year they won the “Red Dot Winner 2020” award in Brands & Communication Design. While looking from a sociological perspective and bringing their works to life with the help of visual aesthetics and technology, they use interactivity to put forward an issue and to open a discussion. They reflect about the integration of technology into daily life and the public space.



Their works are exhibited at Netherlands Today’s Art Festival, Het Nieuwe Institute, Austrian Museums Quartier. 

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