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Baran Packaging Website Design

We were briefed to design a new web site by the brand. But with a holistic design approach, we created a perfect new corporate identity and digital visibility for the brand.  This update was necessary to make the image of the brand more flexible, simpler, and above all more modern, without losing the identity of the brand.

By combining the brand’s visionary sectoral approaches with the content we created the brand motto ‘KEEPS THE GOOD INSIDE’ and knitted all user centered design perspectives around it.

Beside creating a product catalogue, we classify the products according their sectoral functions and created a user friendly search system within the website.

We were able to master the complex data structure, delivering a stellar user experience. With this business-focused approach, we have developed a website that is sure to make a lasting impression.


Baran Ambalaj

UX/UI Design
Information Architecture & Design
Web Development
Motion Design