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Labrand - Website Design

Welcome to Labrandworld, the website of Labrand, a very successful Creative Communications Agency located in Istanbul and London. Labrand specializes in the fashion, luxury, beauty, travel and lifestyle markets, providing a range of services including events, fashion, art and design.

For this project, we designed a website that reflects the visionary characteristics of Labrand. Through our visually striking, minimal and professional approach, we aimed to present the agency’s work and services, while also displaying stunning images from their prominent photo shoots.

In today’s digital age, it is more important than ever for businesses to have an effective web presence. The website of Labrand is no exception – it is the backbone of their marketing strategy, providing an opportunity to showcase their work and services to potential clients.



UX/UI Design
Information Architecture & Design
Web Development
Motion Design

At Labrand, we understand that a website needs to be both attractive and functional in order to be successful. Our website design reflects this understanding, with a focus on usability and a modern, minimal aesthetic.

The website is also optimized for search engines, allowing prospective clients to easily find Labrand when searching for related services. Additionally, our design team incorporated a number of features to help Labrand stand out from its competitors, such as interactive elements, eye-catching visuals and clean navigation.

We are proud to have been able to work with Labrand on this project, providing them with a website that reflects their strong brand identity and showcases their work and services. If you are looking for creative and effective communications solutions, be sure to check out Labrandworld and see what they have to offer.