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Fintech Reddot

Basa GSD websitesinin REDDOT BADGE ile birlilkte gorundugu bir tasarım konacak.

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Design In Situ received the “Red Dot Winner 2020” award at the Red Dot Design Award, one of the prestigious competitions of the international design world.



Design In Situ, one of the leading agencies in the field of visual and experience design, received the “Red Dot Winner 2020” communication award in the Brands & Communication Design segment at the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious international design competitions.


The competition, in which approximately 7000 designs from 50 countries are evaluated by an international jury and awarded with high design quality and creative performance, is known as the “design world Oscar Awards”.


Design In Situ, with its website designed for GSD Holding and its company, deserved to have the International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2020/2021 catalogue. Design In Situ will represent Turkey in this catalog that will be published in November and will feature distinguished examples in the international arena.


Combining GSD Holding’s brand approach with a visionary perspective, the design gathers its sub-organizations such as the Bank, Factoring, Maritime and Education Foundation under a simple but extraordinary design roof. The approach, which modernizes a well-established brand with an unusual corporate design approach, has a structure that includes digital-based visibility and information sharing.

The website, which is at the forefront of editing as well as functionality, is supported by the photographs of photographer Murat Durusoy from the Design In Situ team. Collaborating with software and content agencies from different disciplines, the project has the interdisciplinary signatures of Design In Situ founders and supporters, Nagehan Alan and Selin Mörth.

Design In Situ has been designing innovative projects since 2011. To reach the creative technologies of the team, which brings together design and results in different media, especially visual communication design and experience design, at