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GSD Holding - Website Design

GSD Holding has revamped its website to bring its various sectors together with a consistent visual identity. By leveraging its long-standing company culture, the website features a clear, minimal design that ensures all necessary information is accessible with a seamless overview. Photography is used as a key element to reflect the brand’s visual culture and communicate its message. 

For investors, GSD has an extensive archive of documents that need to be easily accessed. We solved this challenge by creating a highly functional, user-centric Investor Relations page.


GSD Holding

UX/UI Design
Information Architecture & Design
Web Development
Motion Design

The redesign serves as an efficient and effective showcase of the brand identity, while also providing a great user experience. With a focus on business-oriented language, GSD Holding is proud to present its new website.

We are also proud to announce that we won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2020: Brands and Communication Design 2020!
It’s a great honor to be featured in the
Red Dot Yearbook 2020/2021 among
such talented designers